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We just finished editing the most resent edition of the  "Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans" and are in the process of producing the books.  We expect to have all orders in the mail soon.  Check back here for further updates.


Welcome to Anthology of Poetry! We like to think the creation of a poem or short story is a magical event in the life of a student. Writing and reading have the power to transform lives in such positive ways. Recognition for writing excellence feeds students’ self-esteem and tends to amplify their creativity.

The Anthology of Poetry is the forum that recognizes writing excellence in students from kindergarten through grade twelve. We select and publish the finest poems and short stories submitted by student writers and provide teachers with an objective forum for their students’ creations.

Every year, we publish professional anthologies of students’ poems and short stories, in soft and hard cover formats. Our authors are selected for their writing expertise and the purchase of a book is never a factor in the selection process.

Since our first publication debuted in 1990, we have received poems and short stories that are a joy to read. The creativity expressed by our student writers inspires us to continue to encourage wonderful writing through our anthologies.

We also enjoy hearing from parents and teachers who have used the Anthology of Poetry as an effective tool and sometimes a carrot, to inspire their young writers. We’re honored by their loyalty and trust and strive to be the impetus for great writing, every day.

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